Welcome to my website, I’ve  got a house for rent, located in a forested residential area of the old US Naval Base formerly Subic Naval Base in Olongapo Zambales, Philippines, now a bustling international freeport. ( See what can you do when in subic)

This is a web corner i created to inform you what i have.

  • There’s a house for rent located in Subic Freeport zone. click here
  • There’s a house for sale located also located in the same area in West kalayaan, Subic Freeport zone. Click here for more details.
  • There’s  also a private yacht in our dock in Subic Bay yacht club and marina that is available  for fishing, cruising, or even entertaining. Click here to know more about yacht.
  • I’ve also got a bunch of items I no longer  use that are in good condition which you might interested in. Click here to view.